My name is khaleefah and i like to share my ideas about digital marketing and online business with people


I grew up in saudi arabian, in mecca to be exact, and my family leaves in nigeria. after i came back i started my primary school in abu-hanifa academy, while i finshed i started my secondary school in rumfa collage kano, for the period of time i started studiying in kano state polytechnic{s.o.t} am thinking to be anonymous and after some years i decide to start online business.

I started web design and development, after i think deep on how to build a successful online business, i started with affliate marketing when am not getting anything and i worked hard to see the main ways to follow, by the end of the day now i am thinking globally. 

In my opinion, we should rethink our somewhat problematic relationship with  money. At its best, it brings people together and nourishes our minds. It shouldn’t be our enemy.

I am a master in web design and development. I bring a sense of timeless elegance to my designs. I bring comfort, style and warmth to any outfit I put together. The fabrics & craftsmanship is top notch. My designs has a sense of timeless perfection. I want to create timeless design that will not be worn down and be loved and worn again. I love vintage and vintage inspired designs. I love the sense of ransagall and the power of designs.

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